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The garden visit

A unique place of nature and culture, the « Jardin des Cimes » is an invitation to discover nature, mountains, kitchen gardens and landscaped gardens during a leisurely stroll of an hour and a half.
Visit the heart of the alpine world and gardens of the world, whilst enjoying the visual displays and audible effects along the way, the gardens offer exceptional views along a route that is both sensory and educational.
Accessible to all, on your own, as part of a group or as a family, the « Jardin des Cimes » pays special attention to our disabled guests or those with reduced mobility.

Garden map

« accueil » (Reception) « Porte de l'Ombre » (Gateway to Shade) | « Porte d'Or » (Golden Gate) | « Porte Tellurique » (Terrestrial Gate) | « Porte des Anges » (Angels Gate) | « Porte des Miroirs » (Mirrored Gates)| « Terrasses Mellifères » (honey terrace) | « Zone pédagogique » (educational area) | « Sentier des abeilles » (Bee trail) | « Jardins partagés » (shared gardens) | « Potagers du Monde » (Kitchen gardens of the World) « Amphitéàtre » (Ampitheatre) | « Petite boutique » (shop) | « Jardin de production » (Production Garden)

Description of the tour of the « Jardin des Cimes »

Wandering through the gardens allows the visitors to cross though very diverse areas, by immersing you into it’s own environment to stir your curiosity and awaken your senses. The tour begins with an imaginary assent from the foot of the valley up to the glaciers of the high peaks. The different terraces of life in the mountains are represented by a sensitive, artistic and educational look.

The pathway starts under a tunnel of greenery at the «Porte de l’Ombre » (Gateway to shade) which consists of Tibetian Clematis, Virginia Creeper, Japenese Hydrangea, Speria Aubert, Chinese Wisteria, Honeysuckle “halls prolifics”, accompanied by the birdsong of this part of the mountains : Spotted Nutcracker, Alpine Tits, Black Woodpeckers, Boreal Owl….

The tour continues in to the Misty Forest of Spruces in the Subalpine level, guided byCairn stones and the Marmots, Chamois, Choughs that are present at these high altitudes. « La Porte Tellurique » (Terrestrial Gate) leads us to the Alpine level which is where we access the world of ice and high mountains at the «la Porte des Anges » (Angels gate).

At the glacier, the visitor descends into the valley across different areas where the relationship between man and mountain are covered : tourism with cable cars of the early 12th century ; orchards with fruit trees including the local Passy plum ; beekeeping with honey production where there are perennials such as Carline and Mountain Centaurea.

The return to the Valley follows the hedges and the birds, the gardens that are showcased feature six areas dedicated to the vegetable gardens of the world. You can discover, among others exotic vegetables from the Asian garden, such as Chinese Leeks, Chrysanthemum lettuce, Perilla ; the garden island features banana trees, sugar canes, yams and okra, all cultivated at more than 1000m above sea level ; a surprising amount of white flowers made up of annuals such as Nicotina, Zinnia, Cleome, white Chard and Gaura.