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Garden history

Le Jardin des Cimes was born of a meeting between Passy and enterprise integration Champ des Cimes . The Society cooperative collective interest ( SCIC) Champ des Cimes was planning to create a tourist-oriented garden,  Passy sought to revitalize the activity of Plateau d' Assy .

Le Jardin des Cimes was supposed to be part of a three-pronged approach :

  • Being a cultural garden, and educational tourism in the Mont Blanc Country
  • Meet a need for social support through the use of people in vocational integration and implementation of project sites with social structures.
  • Participate revitalization of Plateau d'Assy

Mounted in close partnership with the municipality of Passy, Le Jardin des Cimes is in the dynamics of revaluation of Plateau d'Assy . The city of Passy is rich in art and history in particular  Plateau d'Assy history . The notoriety of Passy is primarily due to its masterpieces of modern art and its main church , Notre Dame de Toute Grace , decorated by the most prestigious artists of the twentieth century ( Rouault , Matisse, Chagall , Braque ...) but also the set of " sculptures mountain" whose works are arranged in the exit of the highway until Plaine- Joux. Today, the loss of medical vocation of Plateau d'Assy due to the closure of health facilities , has led difficulties conversion of the territory.

Located a few meters from the church of Assy (80 000 visitors per year ) , Le Jardin es Cimes is in a true gait territory . Since 2012, Le Jardin des Cimes is managed by the association Jardin des Cimes .