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Le cafe du Jardin

The Café du Jardin will serve take-away drinks from 30 May but will be open for catering only from Friday 5 June, either in "take-away" mode if health constraints persist, or in regular mode if allowed.

The Café du Jardin offers you drinks and meals that privilege fresh, local and organic products. Some of them come directly from the Jardin des Cimes.

 This one tries to highlight the taste and beauty of the gardens in his plates and beverages, for this reason the cooker commits to serve dishes entirely prepared and mold, from raw products.

Reservation recommended.

The dishes 

L'assiette des jardins/ The garden's plate   15,50€

Assortment of 7 vegetarian dishes, different according to the season. 


L'assiette des cimes/ The peaks's plate   16€

Green salad, raw vegetables, cheeses and cold meats from Savoie, assortment of 2 or 3 vegetarian dishes.


L'assiette poulette   12€

Green salad, raw vegetables, cheeses, omelettes with herbs from the garden.



L'assiette vegan/ The vegan plate   15,50€

Assortment of 7 vegan dishes, different according to the season.
L'assiette des bambins/ The child plate   8,50€
Vegetarian nuggets, homemade ketchup, cereal cakes, green salad and raw vegetables.

Desserts change regularly. 

Vegan chocolat and red berries cake   5€ 

gateau chocolat

Caramel cream with lavender   5€

Apple and elderberry cake  5€

Elderly apricot pie  5€

tarte abricot

Goat cheese yoghurt or cottage cheese with blueberry sauce   3,50€


Groups - Find our proposals for groups HERE

You can contact the Café du Jardin at 04 50 21 50 87.

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