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Apprentice gardeners

Cycles: From 7 years

Duration : 1:00

Ideal period : May / June / July

This workshop aims to give childrens the benchmarks in the creation of a vegetable garden : working the land , sowing and planting, diversity of plants in the garden, mulching, maintenance ...  

Topics covered during the workshop :

- Garden plants Families : vegetable , aromatic and condiment , ornamental .

- The main garden tools , their functions and their uses

- The work and fun in a garden throughout the year

- The concept of sustainable development in relation to the seasonality of crops , the origin of fruits and vegetables, and organic gardening .

Upfolding of the workshop:

We invites children to travel in Vegetable Gardens of the World to raise awareness to the diversity of plants used in a garden ( ornamental , aromatic, Garden Vegetable , orchard ) and recognize edible vegetable organs ( vegetables fruits, vegetables leaves vegetables roots ... ) The children then go to school gardens where they can discover various garden tools and implement a gardening activity adapted to the age of the children and the season.

sens-au-jardinThe sens in the garden

Cycles: From 4 years 

Duration : 1:00

Ideal period : from June to October Touch, taste , colors , sounds and scents await you in this workshop or the senses are solicited for a discovery of plants and some original vegetables.

Topics covered during the workshop :

- Sensory Approach Garden Vegetable plants, aromatic and ornamental Vegetable Gardens of the World

- The art of picking herbs

- Diversity of plants in the Garden

Upfolding Workshop :

We took the children in Vegetable Gardens of the World for a visual , olfactory and gustatory recognition hereof plants at the garden. The children then groups around plessis aromatic plants for a series of games and sensory recognition and harvest to create a group or an aromatic herbal cocktail to share the end of the workshop. Each children will leave with a bag of herbs .

artistes-en-natureArtists in nature

Cycles : from 2 years 

Duration : 1:00

Ideal period : all year !

Le Jardin des Cimes is an ideal place to discover the Land Art and realize which beneficial arts works using nature as a framework and as matter of creation . The objective of this workshop is to awaken the imagination and creativity of the child and foster a collective artistic expression.

Topics covered during the workshop :

- Land Art as a visual art

- The use of natural resources

- The collective work

Upfolding of the workshop: Discover the Land Art through the precursors artists and photographic examples . The animator then took the children collect natural Elements in different biotope of Le Jardin des Cimes so they can create works of Land Art in small groups. The animator with each group in their research and achievements . The creations are then presented to the whole group and have the opportunity to exchange between childrens. Each piece is photographed with budding artists ..


Artists began to table

Cycles : since 2 years

Duration : 1:00

Ideal period : from June to October

Put fruits and vegetables has the honor on the plate, this is the bias of the workshop or gastronomy is put in the spotlight. Marry beauty, taste, flavor of varied textures , tasting and small flowers spices allow young cooks to discover the wealth of a garden, featured on their plate . Or how to realize  ? Artistic works in a dish using what can be gleaned in the garden. Beautiful and good at the same time !

Topics covered during the workshop :

- The diversity of edible plants in a garden

- The senses , imagination , creativity

- The rich gastronomy in the use of fruits, vegetables , flowers and aromatic plants in the garden .

- Beau for itself , beautiful for others

Upfolding of the workshop:

Gathering, with the animator of Le Jardin des Cimes , fruits, vegetables , flowers and herbs season. Installation on the tables of different ingredients harvested and those available in the kitchen garden . Explanation of instructions and discovery of the recipe of the day. Each child must realize an original dish using ingredients available and respecting the recipe of the day. Then tasting !

insectesInsects around us

A multitude of insects accompanies the richness and diversity of plants or gardened naturally presented toLe Jardin des Cimes . So it is the ideal location to discover an essential companion for our survival on this earth : the insect.

Topics covered during the workshop : Definition of an insect and insect categories presented in a garden : pollinators, pests and diseases , predators , detrivores . The concept of ecosystem and ecology through aquatic insects , bees , insects in the garden ... The organic gardening practices : composting, insects shelter has ...

Upfolding of the workshop: Definition of an insect from drawings Insect observations using a magnifying glass boxes in a very defined ecosystem : the pond Discovery of pollinating insects and their work : observation in the garden of the different pollinators (bees, bumblebees , butterflies .. ) and their activities , hives and honey production . Observations of insect pests or plant pests and their damage: aphids, Pierides , mealybugs .. Discoveries garden with auxiliary insect predators and shelter was willing insects in the garden ideal : ladybugs, bugs , beetles , Hymenoptera ... Making a shelter has insect.

Cycles : since 7 years

Duration : 1:00

Ideal period : May to September