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A Day in the Garden

We welcome school groups from kindergarten to high school and children's groups from 25 May to 1 October 2017 . On site , students are welcomed by a facilitator and a presentation is made of their Jardin des Cimes and conduct of the output. They then broke into small groups of about 15 students. The groups are successively workshop and visit ( independently or with a guided tour booklet ) Jardin des Cimes according to the time indicated by the organizers. Breaks sheltered places are at your disposal for meals and snack time .



The workshops take place in small groups of maximum 15 students with leaders of the Jardin des Cimes and have a 1:00 span on the themes "Garden and Gardening ", " Nature in the Garden " and " art garden " .      

     => See the description of the workshops


A visit to autonomy

The tour is conducted independently by children and chaperones with an accompanying booklet has adapted each cycle. Teachers have the opportunity to enrich the visit by consulting the prior teaching file .


A guided tour

This tour is accompanied by one of our leaders. It lasts 1:00 ET allows us to understand the Jardin des Cimes more thoroughly and to discuss different thematic related to the garden , nature , mountains and territory. 


Assessment of the visit

At the end of the workshops and tours for all groups , a review is organized with the facilitator and all the students to answer the main questions of children.