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Activities and prices

Guided tour of the Jardin des Cimes

Visit of the gardens... From the imaginary plain of the Jardin des Cimes, we climb up to the glacier by the detour of gates, to go down in a luxuriant valley rich of many gardens of the world.
Discovery of the alpine worlds, a sound walk through the summits, visit in the heart of the world's vegetable gardens,... This hike on the scale of a garden offers an exceptional panorama all along a sensory and educational journey. Let yourself be guided in this hike by one of our animators to discover the different facets and secrets of this garden.
(Duration: 1h30 | 1 guide for 20 people)


Discovery workshop: Harvesting the gardens

Accompanied by one of our gardeners, you explore a range of flavours as you discover the world's kitchen gardens: from the Asian garden to the americas and the medieval garden. This discovery is followed by a gathering of edible plants and a cooking workshop where, starting from the gathering of each one and of fruits and vegetables made available, we make an original salad, as aesthetic as it is delicious.

(Duration: 1h30 | 1 animator for 20 people)

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Discovery workshop: Vegetable painting

One does not often wonder what is used to make colour. Originally all dyestuffs were natural. The Jardin des Cimes has many plants, especially vegetables and flowers, which can be coloured. But also others you might not think of (earth, ash, coffee...). The Jardin des Cimes will therefore serve as a resource, an opportunity for experimentation, collective reflection and colourful creations.

(Duration: 1h30 | 1 animator for 20 people)

Discovery workshop: Bees and hive products

With our beekeeper/animator, discover bees in the gardens and hives. This workshop will be an opportunity to discuss the work of bees and the beekeeper and to taste the products of the hive at the honey bar.

(Duration: 1h30 | 1 animator for 20 people)

Rates for adult groups 2018

- Adult admission + Free visit: 4,50 € | 2,80€ for children under 12 years old

- Adult admission + Guided tour: €8.50 per person* | €6.40 for children under 12 years old

- Adult admission + Guided tour +Workshop: 12 € per person* | 9,90€ for children under 12 years old

These rates are valid for a group of more than 8 people. A package of 68€ for 1 activity/person or 96€ for 2 activities/person is applied for a group of less than 8 people.

Free admission to bus drivers | 1 free package for 15 fare-paying packages